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Best Oil Ever

June 11, 2014



Pregnancy changes your body in about a million ways. You go through these changes, inside and out, knowing that at the end of nine months you’ll be rewarded with a beautiful baby that you’ll love beyond words. While you’re waiting for this amazing little one, you’ll either be perfectly happy and comfortable OR you’ll be like me and experience hormonal acne, swollen sinuses, leg cramps and awful reflux…among other not so fun things. On a more positive note, so far I have NOT been dealt the stretch mark card. Admittedly, I worried about this going into pregnancy since I’ve struggled with various skin-related issues since puberty.

If you talk to a dermatologist (and I work with many through the day job), they’ll explain that stretch marks are mainly heredity and caused by the tearing of your second layer of skin — the dermis. They’ll also tell you that there’s no miracle product that can prevent them. You can, however, do certain things during pregnancy to try avoiding them…like watching your diet carefully so that skin doesn’t stretch too quickly, drinking a ton of water and moisturizing, moisturizing, moisturizing.

I started this “avoid stretch marks” regimen early in my pregnancy and at this point (8 weeks to go) I have NO stretch marks to speak of. A key part of this skin care regimen has been Mustela Stretch Marks Care Oil. I LOVE IT and would highly recommend. Though it’s an oil, it absorbs beautifully and is not overly greasy. It has a really pleasant lightly floral scent and I’ve even started going beyond the bump and using it to moisturize other areas. Do I know for sure that this product has  been the key to preventing stretch marks? No. However, it’s a total pleasure to use and gives me a nice excuse to massage the belly. Consider this a pregnancy must!


This product was gifted to The Pretty Dish for review purposes. Rest assured that a product is only recommended if it has my sincere endorsement. 


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  1. Cheryl B permalink
    June 22, 2014 7:32 am

    Oh stretch marks. My battle scars of weight fluctuations for the past 10 years! So envious of you and your perfect stretch mark free skin!! You looked absolutely amazing yesterday. Question: what are the active ingredients and do you think that it’s better than BioOil?? Xoxo

    • June 26, 2014 8:54 pm

      Hi! So I’m no chemist or dermatologist, so don’t quote me on this – but I don’t believe there’s any “magical” active ingredient in this. It’s a combination of natural moisturizers/oils that hydrate and keep the skin elastic. Probably better for prevention vs minimizing existing stretch marks. The Fraxel Laser is your best bet there. For prevention you could really use any moisturizer…but this one smells amazing, is almost all natural (99%) and for me, hydrates better and longer than other lotions/oils. Also, regarding BioOil specifically – when I asked my dermatologist about that product, she said that I could just as easily use Aveeno. She told me I should focus more on trying to avoid gaining weight too quickly during pregnancy and to just drink a ton of water and moisturize as much as possible. Hope this helps!!!

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