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Rock Your Hair – Review

May 6, 2014

Beauty Tips from The Pretty DishOne of the must-have products in my beauty regimen is leave-in conditioner. Without it, my hair would be a tangled mess after washing and I can’t even imagine attempting to blow it dry in that state. I recently got the opportunity to try Rock Your Hair Leave-In Conditioner Weightless Detangler. I washed, conditioned and rinsed my hair, then lightly squeezed out some of the excess moisture with a towel. I don’t like my hair to be soaking wet when I start adding product and styling, but I do leave it dripping a bit because that seems to help me get the comb through more easily once I add a leave-in conditioner. Next I sprayed the product from my roots to tips very generously and then gently began to work the comb through. This took a while, but was DEFinitely easier than with no product at all. Once my hair was detangled, I added a little argan oil and started drying. Overall, I was happy with the results. The product did not weigh my hair down (as some other conditioners do) but yet it still felt hydrated and had a nice sheen. I’m usually partial to thicker, creamier detanglers that really coat my hair, but this product offered a nice, and more light weight, change of pace.


*This product was gifted to The Pretty Dish for review purposes. Rest assured that I only post on products that I would sincerely recommend.



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