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Coffee Break

December 29, 2013

If you’re like me, coffee is an integral part of your daily routine. I welcome its familiar smell in the morning and I generally avoid all a.m. conversations before taking my first sip. On my way to work, I usually grab a cup from the cute and quaint Take31. It’s my coffee place. Everyone who lives or works in NYC has one, trust me. If I’m home with the hubby, I’ll use the Keurig to quickly brew two cups. When we’re having guests, the drip coffee maker comes out — it’s so much easier to brew a full pot for dessert than have the Keurig make individual cups.

Recently I had the opportunity to sample Italian coffeemaker Lavazza’s* newest roasts. They range in boldness from medium to a very dark espresso roast. I’m super sensitive to bitter coffees, and I found these to be incredibly smooth, and not bitter at all. As you’re thinking about a hostess gift to bring to that New Year’s Eve party you’re planning to attend, consider a few bags of this specialty coffee with a note that says, “Cheers to the morning after!” Your host (and their hangover) will thank you.
Find it at your local grocery store or order online here.


*sponsored post


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