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Review: Spa Sonic 7-Piece Skin Care System

December 19, 2013

I’ve been a Clarisonic fan for a while (check out this blog post from February), so when I had the chance to try out one of its competitors, the Spa Sonic*, I was a tad reluctant.  I ending up asking a friend (and her boyfriend!) to try it out…


Here’s what she had to say — it’s a GREAT, thorough review. Just in time for your last minute holiday shopping!!

I have never been a girl who spends much time thinking about my skin care routine. A basic cleanser, a moisturizer/sunscreen, and I’m good to go. Then I hit my late twenties, and realized play time was over. If my skin could talk, it would wave a pasty flag of surrender. It was time to step up my game.

So when Carla asked me to test drive the Spa Sonic Skin Care System, a “revolutionary skin care exfoliating system for the face and body,” I jumped at the chance. Then I remembered how my high school science teacher taught us that you can’t rely only on one test subject. And so, armed with a batch of freshly baked chocolate chip cookies, I bribed my boyfriend into having a Spa Day.

First, the basics: the Spa Sonic comes with a large body brush, two small facial brushes, a facial buffer and a pumice stone. It also comes with four AA batteries, which is appreciated. In my house, AA batteries disappear pretty quickly into Xbox remotes.

Anyway, you attach a brush to the unit, add your product of choice, get it wet, flick the switch, and let the sonic vibrations do their thing.

We started with the body brush and lathered with body wash. Truthfully, I don’t feel like it made much of an impact; I use a loofah, and, after five years of living with a girl, so does my BF. But it was pleasant enough, and it lathered quite nicely.

It was a different story with the small facial brush: using just my favorite everyday Purpose cleanser, it left my skin noticeably smoother, especially after applying moisturizer with the facial buffer.

Oh, the facial buffer. If I knew how to write sonnets, I would write one about the buffer. Using it was definitely the most spa-ish part of the experience. I have a germ thing about using my hands on my face, so I always apply moisturizer with a cotton ball.  I realized after using the buffer that my cotton ball technique probably doesn’t allow the lotion to penetrate my pores the way it should. My newly soft, dewy skin helped me see the light, and I have definitely changed my ways.

The BF, who only recently graduated from washing his face with water, also had impressive results. His bearded face was suitably glowy.

And finally, we moved on to the foot pumice. This was a bit tricky, because the directions say to soak your feet first, and we don’t have a tub. Standing in the shower for awhile would have to do. I added a little pumice cream I had laying around the house, and went to work on what I lovingly call my BF’s hobbit feet. For me, after years of spa pedicures, the results weren’t as dramatic. My boyfriend had better results. As I write this, he’s sitting on the couch, munching on a cookie and rubbing his feet together: “They’re so smooth! When are we going to do that pumice thingy again?”

Overall, it’s a great tool! While there are some parts that gave me better results than others, I plan to keep using the whole kit.  And maybe the boyfriend will, too =)

Thanks Becky! The Spa Sonic is available for purchase here. It’s a fab deal — the 7-piece Skin Care Set is available for just $39.99, far less than the Clarisonic — which runs between $125 and $150.

*This product was sent to The Pretty Dish for review*



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  1. Felicia permalink
    December 19, 2013 10:41 pm

    I have the Spa Sonic and completely agree with Becky. I love the face brush and facial buffer. However, I’d rather use my body gloves for exfoliating, and the pumice attachment is pretty soft compared to a pumice stone. Surprisingly, I was actually lured to it by the pumice attachment. I got mine for $35 with free shipping when Target still had daily deals on their website.

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