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2013 AMA Rewind

November 25, 2013

I love watching award shows to see what the stars are wearing. Last night’s American Music Awards were no exception. Who rocked it? Who DIDN’T? As far as this post is concerned, I’m subscribing to the “If you have nothing nice to say….” mantra. So, no “worst dressed list” here, I’ll keep those opinions to myself. Instead, I’ll start by dishing on what I think was THE best hair of the night. Truth be told, I’m a little biased. I have always favored big hair over flat, smooth hair. I will always stand behind curls and volume…I guess this is where my Jersey roots truly show. Christina Aguilera and Naya Rivera both WON last night in the hair category. I call this “statement hair” because you could be wearing the simplest of outfits but still look dressed to the nines. The hair makes the 2013 AMA Rewind look, because these girls are giving major body. In the hair category, that is.

Christine + Naya Rock VMAsWho says you can’t wear white after Labor Day? I’m all about ignoring fashion “rules” so I was so pleased to see all the white on the red carpet last night! Granted, it’s way warmer on the West Coast where the AMAs took place. But still – there’s something so cool about winter white. And yes, I’m taking the liberty of dubbing these styles “winter white” even though the season hasn’t yet arrived.

On a separate note – the Jenner girls both look amazing, don’t they? Their distinct styles and personalities show through their outfits – Kendall is the sophisticated/reserved fashion model, and Kylie is the cool and outgoing rocker chic. They’re both gorgeous, and these looks soo work.

Winter White FashionI hope you enjoyed this little dose of style inspiration! Now, go check your closet for some white to wear this December!

Top pictures via Just Jared (here and here). Bottom pictures via E Online (here) except Christina Aguilera pic, via Huffington Post (here



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