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November 20, 2013

I was recently invited to check out J. Jill’s newly redesigned store in the Short Hills Mall. I know what you’re thinking – J. Jill? You mean the store where my mom shops? Well – truth be told, MY MOM SHOPS THERE TOO. That’s why I’m so familiar with the brand (and with this store in particular). However I have to admit that each time I browse with her, I end up leaving with a few items for myself, too! Check out the sweater I’m wearing in this post. Over time I’ve realized that the clothing truly resonates across age groups. There are amazing basics in materials that are super comfortable and great for layering.

When I arrived to the store, J. Jill’s President and CEO Paula Bennett was there to give me a tour of the space. She explained that the newly designed Short Hills store is the first in the country, and the design is a pure expression of the brand’s mission – which is to offer easy, relaxed and inspired style to women with a rich, full life. She then walked me through the various elements, including a much brighter and more open feel that features a palate of soft grays, winter whites and warm woods playing backdrop to the collections which are displayed on either side of a long aisle that gives you full view of the whole store upon entry. The dressing rooms are also completely redone. Before, they were in a tiny hallway. Now the dressing rooms border a beautifully designed sitting area which is perfect if you’re not shopping alone. Now, I can sit comfortably while giving opinions on what my mom is trying on and vice versa!

I snapped a few pictures of the store, and they’re below. Make sure to check back in – I’ll actually be wearing a really cute J. Jill top in a future outfit post. In the meantime, check out what the brand has to offer here. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

jjill 3


jjill 1

jjill 2



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