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Transitional Wear

October 28, 2013

chic winter capes at The Pretty DishOne of the things I love most about Autumn in the Northeast is the time we spend with “in-between” weather. It’s just cold enough to add some layers to your ensemble, but not yet brisk enough for the full-on hat/scarf/mittens mix. A wool cape has been on my wish list for quite some time, and I recently came across two that I’m seriously eyeing.

The one on the left is by Zara, and under $200 (you can find it here). The one on the right is by a NY-bred and Buenos Aires based designer named Leslie Tessler (find it here). This one’s a bit higher in price, but the color, texture and button detail make a *beautiful* combination. Plus, it’s handmade in Argentina, and that’s just cool.



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