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Yes to Grapefruit

July 24, 2013

yes to grapefruit cremeyes to grapefruit serumLet me introduce you to two products that I truly believe changed my skin: Yes to Grapefruit’s Dark Spot Correcting Body Creme and Dark Spot Correcting Serum. Here’s the backstory: I was kindly sent the entire line of Yes to Grapefruit products to try a few months ago. I tried everything and actually really liked everything. But these products stood out to me.

First, on the body creme: I consider myself to be somewhat of a moisturizing aficionado, if such a thing exists. Put it like this — I aim to never be “ashy.” Ever. Anywhere. This creme is the first I’ve ever tried that hydrates like a dream, has a pleasant light smell and is totally non-greasy! I haven’t noticed that it lightened the dark spots on my legs…but I’ve been too distracted to pay attention since they feel so soft!

The serum also has a light grapefruit scent and when I use it my skin immediately feels tighter and smoother. It also looks more even in tone. I use it both day and night, but for daytime I top it with a sunscreen moisturizer, then primer, then makeup.  With consistent use, this serum has noticeably lightened dark spots. Here’s a tip – a little goes a long way so don’t take too heavy a hand with the pump. You’ll end up wasting product, and who wants that?



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