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bumble & bumble mending masque

May 1, 2013

bumble mending masque

Consider me a loyalist when it comes to conditioner. I’m really careful with my hair – so when I find something that works, I tend to stick to it. For a few years, I’ve relied on Biolage Conditioning Balm by Matrix as a shower staple. It smells divine, is SUPER moisturizing and preps my hair perfectly for a blow out. During my last hair appointment, my stylist introduced me to Bumble and Bumble Mending Masque. While I wasn’t the market for a new conditioner, I was enticed by my stylist’s results upon using the product as well as its sleek packaging…so I decided to take it home.

If your locks are dry/damaged and seriously in need of some TLC, you should consider this. The bottle doesn’t come cheap ($37 for 5 oz), but I think it produces major results. Just make sure to rinse well before drying and styling. Otherwise, this conditioning superstar may weigh down your hair.




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