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March 3, 2013

I love that Instagram allows you to so easily capture little moments that would otherwise pass right by. Sometimes these fleeting experiences turn out to make beautiful pictures. I fully admit, I’m an Insta-Addict. Here are a few moments I captured in the past week:

A little Friday #inspiration. My mantra as of late. #ipadcase #bloomingdales.

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Flowers always make my day.

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The colors of this scarf remind me of sherbet. #spring #pastels

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1st Row (L to R):

~I (finally) organized my nail polishes this week
~Next came the necklaces
~Kate Spade is bringing the pastels in a major way for spring

2nd Row (L to R):

~An iPad case sporting a quote to live by
~Still haven’t decided whether to keep these super high but chic boots that were on major sale at
~My brother-in-law brought me beautiful flowers and get well wishes last weekend…the daisies are still going strong

3rd Row (L to R):

~I’m excited to try the products in March’s internationally-themed Glossybox, especially this sweet smelling one
~This scarf was a gift from my mom and the colors remind me of summer sherbet
~My childhood home in 1914…there’s so much history between those walls

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