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Why is there a hipster at the door?

January 22, 2013

Because, and only because, we are at The Ace Hotel. Ok – that’s a gross exaggeration. There are many spots in NYC where a hipster can be found. Consider Brooklyn, for instance. Crawling with hipsters. Or, the average ad agency. Hipsters galore.

I led with this little ‘hipster quip’ to set the tone for a post about a recent night out Mike and I had in the city. We made plans to go out in Meatpacking with another couple. So instead of dealing with a late night commute home to NJ, we opted to stay the night. We figure we’ll only be DINKS (double income, no kids) for a little while longer, so a little splurge every now and then can’t hurt.

We landed at The Ace Hotel because, at 29th & Broadway, it’s very centrally located and just a few blocks away from my job. The charm of this hotel is all in the quirks, so if you’re looking for a traditional experience, this boutique property probably isn’t for you.

Upon entering the dimly-lit space, you’re greeted by this random flower cart…

ace hotel1

…and this quote in the entryway. You’ll also have a hipster holding the door for you, and asking if you need help with your bags. You’ll then approach the counter and it will remind you of the register at Hollister. But with hipsters behind the counter instead of surfer dudes.


If you know Manhattan, you know that space is a rare commodity on which people place a high premium. None the less we checked into our mini room, and the name doesn’t lie – it was SMALL. I stepped into the hallway to take the pic below, immediately wishing that I gave into Mike’s request to upgrade. The room couldn’t have been designed to be more than a bachelor crash pad, but at least the view wasn’t too shabby.


Before this night I had never earned a compliment from a hanger. So that was good. Simple correspondence items were laid out on the desk, and the tiny soap-on-a-rope at the sink smelled delicious. Somehow, this hotel’s boyish charm was sucking me in.


The (tiny!!!) bathtub/shower housed Rudy’s Brand products that I had never tried before, but really enjoyed using. I killed time before our double date by taking ridiculous pictures of myself. Meanwhile, Mike’s in the background saying, “Carla, this room is really small. Really, really small.” Shortly after I took this shot, there was a knock at the door. Mike got up to look through the peep hole and whispers to me, “Why is there a hipster at the door?!”

It was one of the guys from the front desk bringing up the sushi we had ordered for delivery. The next pic is of the funny (and kind of mean) message on the bathroom wall. On the bottom left we have what I think was tea. I liked the packaging.


Mike took this shot of me while we were waiting for the elevator, which had a very vintage feel.


And I took this pic of him while we were out. I get the best shots when he doesn’t notice the iPhone pointed in his direction.




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  1. January 23, 2013 6:25 am

    awesome post! Love it! Only in NYC baby…..

  2. TWest permalink
    January 23, 2013 4:02 pm

    I really LIKE this post!!! funny and totally you!

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