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Honeymoon Packing List

January 9, 2013

Mike and I got married more than two months ago and I still haven’t come down from the high that was our honeymoon. We stayed at Jalousie Plantation (now called Sugar Beach) in St. Lucia and it was truly magical. We wed on a Saturday and left for our honeymoon the following Monday. Being the last-minute kind of girl that I am, this left me with only Sunday to pack. For a 10-day vaca. Big mistake!

Brides-to-be, if you are taking your honeymoon right after your wedding vs. delaying it (as many do these days), make SURE your suitcase is packed and ready to go before your wedding. This way you won’t be stressed in the little time you’ll have between the reception and the airport. At the very least, create a packing list so that all you have to do at the last minute is place things in your suitcase. I created this little cheat sheet of very packable and beach-friendly honeymoon items I love to help you get started. Enjoy!

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  1. You’ll appreciate having this portable printed speaker to connect your iPod to when you’re at the beach. Just make sure you’ve got some mellow music to listen to against the backdrop of crashing waves. (; $24)
  2. These fabulous ‘casey’ sunglasses by Coach will shield your eyes from the sun. Squinting for a week is NO fun, and causes wrinkles! (; $148)
  3. Yes, I know the hotel supplies towels. But this printed beach towel by Natori is so vibrant, you won’t be able to resist packing it. And why should you? (; $30)
  4. For goodness sakes, please protect yourself from the sun. Coming home from a vacation with sunburned, leathery skin is so not cute! Try this Alba Botanica SPF 30 sunscreen. (; $9)
  5. I bought these leather flip flops by Splendid right before our trip and they served me well. The bit of padding makes them comfortable and the pop of color is just fun. (; sale! $32)
  6. If you love books like I do, you won’t leave home without a breezy beach reach. I sped through Andy Cohen’s cleverly hilarious memoir, “Most Talkative.” (; $16)
  7. You’ll want some romantically sweet lingerie. The one pictured is from the Victoria’s Secret V-Day 2013 Collection. Since I’m not sure that it’s available yet, here’s one that’s similar.
  8. Bring a different bathing suit for every day, if you can swing it. Splurge on one or two designer suits, like this one from L*Space (; sale! $100), then fill in the blanks by mixing and matching pieces you already own with new tops/bottoms from more affordable stores like Target or Kohl’s.
  9. I lit candles every day when we were on our honeymoon. Before taking your trip, pick a new scent. If you experience that scent during your vacation, it will always be nostalgic and remind you of what an amazing time you had. I love this one from Henri Bendel. Don’t forget matches! (; $15)

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2 Comments leave one →
  1. January 9, 2013 1:52 pm

    LOVE the idea of splurging on a really great swimsuit and then freshening up older separates with more affordable pieces. Great tip for any vacation!

  2. NadirahC permalink
    January 9, 2013 3:29 pm

    Love this! I may need to invest in the candles… thanks for the tips

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