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I’m A Newlywed!

November 1, 2012

Sorry Dishers, I’ve inadvertently taken a bit of a hiatus from this blog. I have a realllly good excuse, though, and it involves going to the chapel. I’ve done a few wedding-related posts since becoming engaged last year, but not many. So here are a few pictures to give you a peek into my world in the days leading up to the wedding. Let’s just say I was lost in a sea of tulle and lace, and I’m kind of sad it’s all over now!




We just returned home from our beautiful honeymoon. While I feel fortunate that our wedding and honeymoon JUST missed Hurricane Sandy, we’re returning to a very DARK home town due to the lack of electricity. I’m thinking about all those affected, especially in my home state of New Jersey.

Separately, I promise I’ll get back to posting regularly, and I have a few posts in the queue that I’ll be sharing in the coming days. Some wedding-related (I’ve got soo many tips to share), others not. Thanks for sticking with me!

Mrs. Rufino ;0)



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