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It’s hard to look right…

June 15, 2012

…at your BAYbee, so here’s my number…call me maybe ♥

Ok, so I’m having a major problem. When I first heard this little ditty by Carly Rae whatever, I dismissed it as another annoying song by some random chick I couldn’t point out in a crowd. But here’s the thing – I CAN’T GET IT OUT OF MY HEAD. Seriously. I was humming it while washing my face last night before bed, and this morning {NO JOKE} I woke up still humming it. This has been going on for weeks. Will there be no end? My unwilling addiction to this song tells me that this is the song of the season, at least for me.

And ahh, the season. Summertime means it’s time to indulge in some of my favorite pastimes – grilling (we don’t have a grill), going to the beach (most of our weekends are already booked with other things) and spending more time outside (I hate the heat). At the very least, I plan to have FUN this summer, regardless of what that means. It is, after all, my last one as a single woman!!

New topic (and my, what a long post this is). I’ve been continuing to waste time on Pinterest. If I could, I would physically move in. That’s right, I would live inside Pinterest. There are so many images of beautiful places, spaces and things to eat and wear, I just can’t get enough. If I did live in the land of Pinterest, I’d be at happy hour ordering a refreshing cocktail like the one below. Bonus if the glass it’s served in is as cute as these, from Anthropologie

After I have my cocktail, I’d return to the blue waters of Delray Beach, where I spent Memorial Day Weekend. This was the view from my beach chair…

Maybe I want to attract a little attention while I’m listening to the waves crash. What do you think of this jeweled swimsuit? Too much??

My day would end with a nap in this spot…

To be fabulous, I’d still be wearing the jeweled suit.

Images above have all been pinned to one of my boards. Follow me!



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