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Beach Towel Chic

June 14, 2012

Beach towels are always an afterthought for me. They’re usually the last thing I grab on my way out the door when heading to the pool, beach, etc. I either grab my faded, circa 1992 “parrot” towel that’s now paper thin and barely covers my lounge chair, OR the nearest bath towel.

Now that I’m making an ongoing (albeit half-assed) attempt to be polished, I’ve decided that my beach towels need to “grow up.” I was inspired by a post on New York Magazine’s Cut Blog earlier this week. News flashNatori has beautiful towels that are BEAUTIFULLY priced!! Most are just $29.99.

The “Safari” one above is my favorite, but I’m also loving this one and this one. Wouldn’t one of these make a great gift for a girlfriend with a summer birthday?



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