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Loving Cabo

July 23, 2011

This time last week, BF Mike and I were just short of returning home from our week-long vacation in Cabo San Lucas. The trip marked my third visit to the Baja Peninsula, but each time my experience is a little different. Here are my favorite five takeaways from this year’s trip, told through my {very} amateur photos:

1.  The view from my poolside chair………

2.  A randomly good cheese/charcuturie plate and pasta arrabiata dish from Doc Wine Bar. Who knew we’d find great Italian food in Mexico? The cheese and meat are straight from Italy, and the handwritten menu was a nice touch.


3.  Good tequila……..


4.  The beach. The surf was too rough for swimming, but the sound of the massive waves crashing was so relaxing, and the breeze was quite pleasant…….

5.  Quality time with BF Mike………………….

Hmmm…where shall The Pretty Dish go next?



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