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The Pretty Dish 5 – Take 2!

July 20, 2011

Yesterday I was inspired by some images I found on Pinterest, and I decided that it’s time for another edition of The Pretty Dish 5. Here’s a lovely candy-colored collage featuring a few things that I’m lately loving (and check out the first edition of TPD5 here):

Clockwise from top left:

  1. Aren’t these shoes to die for? I love bows, and I love satin. This pair melds the two. Great for a summer wedding. (click here for more info or to purchase from my new favorite website,
  2. Dear BF Mike, let this image serve as a hint of what I’m currently obsessing dreaming about ;0).  *Image source unknown*
  3. Goodness all around. When I first saw this on DesignLoveFest, I didn’t realize it was a painting! Reminds me of a boardwalk candy store at the shore. Check out more of Joel Penkman’s work here.
  4. This appeals to my sweet tooth and my love of summer cocktails. Note to self – purchase this classic bale jar and finally try out that watermelon mojito recipe!
  5. Something tells me these macaroons taste simply delicious.



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